home safety tips for kids

It’s incredibly important to keep your home safe for your kids. Research suggests that just over 20 million visits to medical professionals and around 20,000 deaths to children each year are the result of an accident in the home.

Fortunately, you are able to minimise the risk of this happening to your kids through education and also prevention.

Let’s take a look at our top 6 tips to keeping your kids safe at home.

Water and Kids Don’t Mix!

Kids love water – whether it’s playing in the bath or in a paddling pool in the garden. Water is also a huge hazard when it comes to kids.

You should make sure you never leave your kids unattended near water, even for just a split-second. If you have a kid and the door rings, do not leave them and take them with you. It only takes a few seconds for a child or baby to drown.

Hot water is also an issue around the home with kids. To be safe, you should lower your hot water settings to around 49 degrees C to avoid your kids getting scalded by the water that comes out of the taps. You should always test water temperature with your elbow before putting your child into the bath.

Chemicals and Kids Don’t Mix!

Many household products are incredibly dangerous and are poisonous to kids (and adults!) when swallowed. To ensure your household products are hidden correctly, get on your hands and knees and see the home from your child’s perspective.

You should ensure that you install guards on any cabinets where cleaners and other household products are. You should also make sure you only store them in the container you purchased them in. You do not want your child to mistake household products for food or drink.

Sleeping Areas for Babies

This is mainly for if you have a baby. Suffocation is a leading cause of death in babies and over 50% of suffocation cases in babies happen in their sleeping environment. Babies’ noses and mouths can easily be covered by fluffy pillows and blankets. For this reason, you should keep your babies’ sleeping area as bare as possible.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical shocks are also a common cause of deaths and injuries to children. An electrical shock can occur whenever your child touches an object that is electrically charged. Ensuring that all electrical objects in your house are grounded property can help to prevent this. You can also install covers over any power outlets to ensure that children cannot put their fingers into them.

Small Items

Another common cause of injury and death in children is because of small objects and small items of food. This can cause your child to choke and be unable to breath. You should make sure all small household items, such as buttons, screws, coins and jewelry are stores out of reach of children. You should also ensure that any small items of food are also out of reach. This includes things such as boiled sweets, biscuits and lollipops.

Secure Windows, Doors and Stairways

Accidental falls are another common cause of injury and even death in children. You can avoid these by taking a few simple precautions and give yourself peace of mind. The severity of the injury often depends on how high the child has fallen from. Installing window restrictors and a door restrictor on all doors will ensure that windows and doors do not open too far and children aren’t able to climb out of them.

You should also always ensure that you lock the doors in your house to stop your children wandering through them. Get into this habit as soon as possible.