benefits of spray plastering machine

Plasterers Stoke on Trent say that the hours saved applying plaster by hand might be spent on another job, so by making an investment in a spray plaster machine you can improve your efficiency and profitability. There’s a huge variety of models available on the market, all of which are suited to different types of occupation, so even though some spray plaster machines are expensive they might be over established for your needs, along with a more affordable one will still save you time.

Spray plaster machines are usually used for large jobs; outside leaves and concludes as well as plastering a whole inside are the undertakings where this equipment actually comes into its own. Applying leave or finish plaster on a large scale can take around 45% less time with a spray plaster machine than by utilizing the traditional hand application method. Added to this is the reality that premixed leaves can be applied with a spray machine, saving yet more hours plus labour. Naturally, hand mixed plasters may be applied as nicely, but when you start working more efficiently you see even more areas where time, and for that reason cash, can be saved.

Even smaller occupations can reap the benefits of a spray plaster machine. The smaller models, designed for applying skimming and topcoats, will save you time on the endeavor for insides. By applying the plaster fast with a spray machine you can get a wall finished and skimmed by one individual in the time it might normally take two folks. In a little business the investment in a spray plaster machine may mean that manpower is available for more jobs on the same day, freeing up time for new contracts and getting everything.

If interior plastering and decorating is your area of trade then a spray plaster machine designed to apply paint as well as render can save you even more hours on new builds or refurbishment jobs. For the contractor who works with every kind of surface finish there are screw spray pumps which can handle everything from cement and textured leaves through to fireproofing coatings, finishing plasters and topcoat leaves. This type of equipment is really adaptable it can pay for itself within in several large occupations by cutting time at each period.

Naturally, the spray plaster machine cannot replace the human hand entirely; the wall surface will should be finished around doors and window frames, and some leaves will need some human attention before the following layer could be applied. But, the finish that may be achieved with some of the more modern machines and plaster mixes almost does away with the demand for a trowel whatsoever, which is especially useful on large places or walls that curve.